Bad Dog Behavior in the Four Corners Which Is Most Difficult To Change

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Bad Dog Behavior in the Four Corners Which Is Most Difficult To Change

by Rena Murray

We have four corners for four dogs, each with an extreme bad dog behavior. In Corner Number 1 we have Aggressive Dog Axe, who bites people and other dogs. He is unpredictable. In Corner Number 2 we have Shy Dog Skye, a dog who is such a fearful dog that she urinates every time a new thing comes in contact with her, especially new humans, but also new sights and sounds. In Corner Number 3 we have Willful Dog Willie, a dog who lies down when called or put on a leash, forcing you to drag him when he does not wish to listen? or even worse, he simply walks the other way and ignores your calls. Our last finalist in Corner Number 4 is Hyperactive Dog Holly, who is sooo hyper that she cannot focus at all when there is a distraction of even a simple sort. Let's not go there on big distractions, like another dog or human. Why, she pulls so intensely that she has sores on her neck. Her owners are so embarrassed by her that she is no longer walked and cannot even be in the house when guests are present.

The four contestants wait eagerly for the decision, each facing severe obstacles and in need of a great deal of rehabilitation. The judges hand over the envelope ...

For MOST DIFFICULT TO CHANGE, the Runner-Up is Contestant Number 2, Shy Dog Skye!

The judges dare not approach her frontally, for as with all fearful dogs, eye contact represents a challenge. What to do? While Skye is in a cage, approach her with your back to her. Sit down in front of the cage and let her familiarize herself with your scent. Then, without looking at her, back yourself into the cage. Sit for a few minutes and slip a leash on the top of her neck. From here, move forward. If she yanks in terror, pull up in response. Let her release herself from the built-up fear and bring her forward again ? all the while avoiding eye contact. Keep pulling up, and she cannot shut down.

Walk Skye for 45 minutes at a heel. Once you are back in the yard, drop her leash and face her. Calmly rub her under the chin to make her feel confident. Do not rub the top of her head for a while, or she will cower down and decrease in confidence.

And the WINNER of the First Place Prize for MOST DIFFICULT TO CHANGE is ? Hyperactive Dog Holly! Who among you would have picked Holly for hardest?

A dog like Holly is the most difficult to change because she is going to push your patience right to the limit if you are not careful. On cannot be frustrated, or allow himself to become so, when handling this type of dog. Being frustrated will achieve the opposite result, increasing her hyperactivity.

Take Holly's leash and focus yourself on a memory of one time in your life when you accomplished something great. Be sure the leash is looped around the top of the neck. Remember, timing is critical on corrections for her. You also cannot stop until you get exactly what you want.

Let's say you want Holly to walk calmly on a leash and to stop injuring herself with those sores. Make Holly sit at least a few feet from the door, and have her stay until you want her. Give her a firm TOUCH with your hand or foot if she moves forward without permission. You need to catch Holly at Level 1 ? "too much interest" instead of Level 6 ? "obsessive fixation." She can go to Level 6 in about three seconds.

When Holly is calm, put her leash on and take her out, walking calmly beside you. Correct her by pulling UP firmly ? not harshly. Each time she tries to move ahead of you, give her a firm correction. Until you feel a little more confidence in handling Holly, remove her from any situation such as another dog or human. Do not avoid the situation; only remove her when she gets obsessive.

There are many gradual steps Holly will need to master in order to calm down and approach her obsessions like a normal dog. Dogs like her often love to be used as narcotics dogs, and are very good at it!

No matter if you have a Shy Dog Skye, Aggressive Dog Alex, Willful Dog Willie, or Hyperactive Dog Holly, be encouraged. Just try to do your best, and be consistent.

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