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Ban Dog Fighting

by Eric Hartwell

Today, dog fighting is recognized as a sinister underground organized crime that is sought to be eradicated by the law. This blood sport, though once favored by aristocracy and supported by the many, is now never free from the prying eyes of the laws that now protect not only pit bulls but other animals used is bull baiting as well.

Dog fighting may be a popular event for many, but it is illegal in the United States of America and most of the rest of the world. Dog fighting may be a form of entertainment but it violates the rights of animals to live freely away from harm. Sad to say that, no matter what punishment awaits those who act against the laws that protect these dogs from being utilized in such violent events, even more are being lured into the underworld of this blood sport. Furthermore, this only reflects the brutality and inhumane nature of men that is slowly prevailing in our society today.

Dog fighting is a secretive sport known only to those in the circle of knowledge. A recent tragic event, culminating in the death of a small child from the injuries sustained from a fighting dog, has highlighted, in the UK, the very nature of a fighting dog and how their aggression can be turned onto humans as well as other dogs.

The sport (if it can be called that) is not only inhumane and illegal but also barbaric - in my opinion it engenders a sense of lawlessness in the owners as well as in the fighting population as a whole.

Ban dog fighting to save the dogs, the innocent victims of dog aggression and society.

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