Barking Dog Tips For a Quiet Life

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Barking Dog Tips For a Quiet Life

by Tom Selwyn

Change isn't easy it takes time

Putting changes into place can take time and patience when the behavior has become a habit. It is very important to understand this as it can be especially difficult to understand why our dogs are barking. Patience is your key to success and you will be rewarded. Like when dealing with young children or family members you have to be understanding, patient and at the same time remain consistent in your approach. The same principles have to be applied with your canine friend, If for example nine times out of ten,you ignore your dog's barking and on the tenth time you reward him with your attention, then he will learn that barking persistently works. A little like children, younger and older, once they know how to get around you and get away with something the problem only gets worse next time. You must decide on a plan of approach and stick to it. This includes all members of your family and anyone who comes in contact with your dog.

Praise him on positive behavior Everyone likes to be rewarded for doing something well and your dog is no exception. Receiving your acceptance and praise is extremely important to your dog and you can use this to your advantage. Reward him with things that he relates to pleasure such as food treats, toys or your praise whenever he behaves the way you want him to and he will behave that way more often.

Communicate with all concerned While you and your dog are working on overcoming the barking problem let the family members know what you are trying to achieve so they can be consistent in their approach. It may also be a good idea to let your neighbors know what efforts you are putting forth to solve the midnight barking sessions. As behavioral problems can take time to resolve. If they hear your dog continuing to bark they may assume that you are doing nothing to resolve the issue. Contact your local council too if appropriate and let them know you are working towards a solution. Most problems can be avoided if the channels of communication are opened not only from human to canine but also from human to human. Prevention is better then cure and it does make life easier.

Do what you can but know your limitations If you have tried to solve your dogs barking problem with little or no success, you are not alone. If you realize that you may need professional help your half way to solving the problem. Professionals work with this particular behavioral problem on a day to day basis. They would have experienced many different variations of the problem and will help you work through your problem to find a successful solution. Seeking professional help is the easiest way to a quiet life.


  • Behavioral problems such as barking are common in our society today. If you have a barking problem you are not alone.
  • Barking problems can be better understood if you learn more about your dog's behavior.
  • Seek professional help if you need it, until your barking problem has been solved.

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