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Barking Dog Training

by Trevor Somerville

There are times when dogs bark excessively that it hurts our ears. There are instances that dogs bark even when there is nothing worth barking for. Continuous barking may also disrupt or annoy your neighbors. Besides, who would want to hear a dog bark for hours?

If you notice that your dog is showing symptoms wherein they develop excessive barking, it is recommended that your dog undergo barking dog training. However, this type of training will not be done within a day only. It would require lots of time and effort to see good results in controlling your dog?s barking habits.

A lot of owners do drastic things to conduct their barking dog training. When in fact, they could train their dogs to stop barking excessively without the need to lay a finger on them and hurt them.

Lots of trainers recommend that barking dog training should start off by giving the dogs a series of reprimands. They recommend that you start by giving them treats and while they are eating their treats, talk to them to stop barking. You might be amazed to learn that a dog actually knows how to listen. You may also start calling your dog ?Good dog? and pat their heads as a form of acknowledgment that when they stopped barking, you appreciate it.

If after a series of talks, pats and treats and your dog has not yet learned a thing from the barking dog training that you are trying to give them, try to raise your voice a notch as you say ?Stop barking!? Your dog will be startled with your voice and they will turn meek as a lamb. They will immediately recognize that they have done something bad for you to shout at them.

Apply these repetitively until your dog fully understands the meaning of ?Stop barking?. There will come a point that no matter how soft your voice was when you uttered the words, they will immediately stop. Chances are you don?t need to tell the words over and over again because they have already formed a habit to avoid barking too often.

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