Barking Puppy Why Your Puppy Barks and How to Deal With It

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Barking Puppy Why Your Puppy Barks and How to Deal With It

by Bryan Gillis

So, you've finally gone out and gotten that cute little puppy you always wanted. You have had some success training Fido to sit on command and the housebreaking process is going great, however, your cute little puppy just won't stop barking! Here are five common reasons why a puppy barks and some simple tips to help you deal with them.

1. Boredom - A puppy gets bored just like people do and when this happens, they frequently deal with it by barking. Make sure you play with your puppy every day and keep him as active as possible. Tying him up in the backyard and leaving him there by himself for hours on end is not the way to treat your puppy. Frequent interaction between you and your new best friend is the key to both reduced barking and ultimate happiness.

2. Lack of Exercise - Your new puppy needs plenty of exercise. You'll be amazed at the wonders a long walk or a game of fetch will have on your puppy's behavior.

3. Lack of Attention - This is a key reason why a puppy barks. A puppy needs your love and attention. If you make sure to spend plenty of quality time with your new puppy, the barking will stop. Everybody is busy these days but it's extremely important for you to carve out some time every day to spend with your dog. It will pay huge dividends in the short term and in the long term.

4. Fear - Yes, puppies do have fears. Some are afraid of the vacuum cleaner while others fear thunderstorms. Comfort your puppy when she seems afraid and let her know that everything is okay. They are no different than children when it comes to their need for comforting as they start out their new life with you.

5. Defending Territory - A puppy will establish an area in and around your home that makes up his territory. If individuals or other animals enter this area, your puppy will bark to protect him and you. To help control this type of barking, introduce your puppy early on to people who frequently enter your home or yard, like the mail carrier. Familiarizing your puppy with these individuals will help minimize the barking and make everybody feel more comfortable.

Follow these five simple tips and that barking problem will be a thing of the past!

Bryan Gillis is the VP of Business Development for Digital Cube Designs, Inc. and former co-owner, with his wife, of a successful doggie daycare business. Along with his current duties at Digital Cube, he also runs a website,, that reviews the internet's best sources for online dog training guides.

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