Basic First Aid for Dogs

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Basic First Aid for Dogs

by Anbhu Selvan

Traffic Accidents It has been noticed that a traffic accident is the most common cause of serious injury to dog or cat. We need to approach the dog with caution as it may react aggressively because of the pain. While moving the dog it is probably best to make use of blanket, sliding it underneath the dog. Seek assistance of people around and lift the dog very gently. Then do check for heartbeat and any hemorrhaging. Attempt for stopping excessive bleeding by holding a clean pad or clean handkerchief only over the wound and then bind it tightly with a makeshift bandage. Call the nearest doctor to heal the injury.

Burns The only suggested first aid is to clean off the offending substance and engross the body part under cold running water for as long as possible. Seek expert advice immediately.

Heat Stroke This occurs in a common basis when a dog is been left alone on a hot day without any power of ventilation. Dog may be panting, vomiting or frothing during this period. Remove froth and lower the dog?s temperature as soon as possible by placing or dousing the dog in cold water. Take your dog for an examination immediately where it would be treated with drugs and more cold water.

Poisoning Do not take time to contact the vet in case your dog is suffering from poisoning. Signs of poisoning might incorporate collapse, brawny twitching, vomiting, bleeding or convulsion. If in case the dog has recently swallowed the poison, try to make him vomit. Salt and mustard normally work quickly, or a small piece of washing soda will help if pushed down the throat.

Drowning It is popular illusion that all dogs can swim, but it is not true always. In case of drowning you should attempt to empty the dog?s lungs of water as soon as possible. Place the dog?s head lower than its body, open its mouth and start to pump the chest by pressing down on the ribs and releasing the pressure immediately. Repeat at 10-second intervals.

Choking Sometime a piece of stick, bone or any small rubber ball might get stuck in a dog?s throat. Your dog might be unable to breathe as a result and swift action is necessary. Open dog?s mouth very carefully and see if could find the object. Pumping the chest, as in the case of drowning might dislodge the foreign body; get your dog to the doctor as soon as possible where the object could be removed under anesthetic.

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