Basic Notions And Tips Before Purchasing A Dog

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Basic Notions And Tips Before Purchasing A Dog

by Joycelyn Crawford

All the following notions and ideas about dogs as a pet need to be considered in order to avoid both the animal and the members of the family from suffering. A dog in the household brings some limitations that wouldn?t be there otherwise. When children are small, it may pass unnoticed but as they grow older, things change and a pet can became a concern at times.

Dog And Size

The size of a dog is an important matter because a big dog will suffer in an apartment unless taken for a walk at least twice a day. The size of the dog must be in accordance with the size of the household too. The dog will be a member of the family too and will have needs just like any other member.

This doesn?t imply that the dog needs to be treated as a person. We oppose to that kind of practices. A dog is a dog and nothing else, but needs dog food, needs health (veterinary), some need clothing on cold whether (most don?t) and many other things you?ll have to consider both economically and in terms of space before purchasing a dog.

Food, Water, Cleaning, Caring

All dogs need to be fed but some big dogs need actually a lot of food that can be rather expensive. Some dogs are healthier and need less veterinary attention but all dogs need a lot of water, a bath from time to time (not that often though, make sure to consult your veterinary).

Dogs also need a lot of caring, especially when they are puppies. If you want an aggressive dog to be a guardian you can train him. There is no need to treat him badly to get that result. The best guardian dog is the one that cares a lot for his owner knowing that he is fed and cared for and thus, won?t tolerate any damage to his master.

Dog Taming and Training

Certain dogs need training in order to develop their abilities. A dog that will only be a pet may not need professional training. However, it is always a good idea to provide him with some basic taming so as to make life together more tolerable. Dog training can be expensive, especially if done by experienced professionals but a dog will remain part of the family for many years and some spending on him is a must.

There are many things that can turn having a dog an expensive decision and you need to consider this. If you are surprised by an urgent surgery or need for medications and don?t have the money to afford it, bear in mind that there is always the possibility to resort to either secured or unsecured loans that come with less interests than other forms of financing and thus can turn out a lot cheaper while providing small installments instead of having to pay a lump sum.

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