Basic Training For Dogs

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Basic Training For Dogs

by Eric Hartwell

Having a dog is no easy task. Aside from the fact, that they need to be regularly fed, bathed, groomed and taken for a walk it is important that they are trained. What I mean by being trained is not necessarily like those prized winning dogs in competitions. It is essential though that your dog obeys certain commands and can be controlled by the pet owner especially since there are ordinances in certain states requiring the proper behavior of dogs after untoward instances of aggressive behavior with certain breeds have occurred. It all depends upon you if you would conduct the training yourself or seek the help of a professional dog trainer.

Basic Commands your dog needs to know

There are certain basic commands that are considered important for your dog to know to be considered a trained pet. The most common and basic of them all would probably be the command ?sit.? I suppose this is one of the first things that you normally teach your dog. Your dog should also understand ?stay.? He should know when he is not allowed to move or follow you around. It is important also that your dog understands when you say ?no.? Knowing that what he is doing is unacceptable would make him stop every time you give the command ?no.? ?Down? is an essential ingredient on the basics of dog training.

Dogs by nature are animals that go in packs and they always seem to look for direction and assistance from a leader. You as their master serve as their leader.

More than just obeying commands

Aside from getting the satisfaction of knowing that your dog can obey your commands, training your pooch enables you to spend quality time with him. This will not only strengthen your union but build a stronger relationship with your pet.

A goal to reach

Dogs nowadays are more of pets unlike before when they use to hold important jobs in helping their masters with various tasks. Dogs, I suppose often get bored that they perform actions that lead to terrible behavior like maybe chewing on your carpet, tearing at the rug or worse making a total wreck and mess at a room. Dog training enables your dog to somehow reach a target. It could even be a way for both of you to also have some fun even while training.

Important during training

During the entire training process timing is a very crucial factor you need to consider. A dog won?t understand if you punish him for a bad behavior he committed a while ago. He would end up being confused. It is also important that you praise your dog every time he does a positive or good behavior or has obeyed a particular command. It is always best to exercise positive reinforcement and give credit to a dog for performance of a desirable action. It is also important that you are consistent with your commands. Most often dogs cannot tell much of a difference with regards to often and sometimes. When you say never be consistent with it. For example if you don?t allow your pooch on your bed, then never allow him to get on it. Don?t be inconsistent by not allowing him at times but allowing him sometimes.

Training your dog is essential in order that you have an obedient pooch. With a well trained pet, you are not only making life more comfortable for you but for your dog as well.

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