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Bee Pollen Dog Allergy

by John Gibb

When speaking of bee pollen dog allergy it sort of makes you wonder why a dog would be taking bee pollen in the first place right? Dogs have been shown to highly benefit from the health advantages to adding bee pollen to the diet. Our canine friends are no exception to the rules.

However a bee pollen dog allergy can be a very serious thing. Dogs can suffer allergies much the same as a human being would. Bee pollen dog allergy can range from very severe to extremely mild and generally goes unnoticed. Although it is rare, some canines have been known to suffer anaphylactic shock and it can be life threatening.

Anaphylactic shock occurs when the body produces too much histamine to the point of swelling the throat and breathing passage closed. If your dog has ever suffered from this type of reaction from a bee sting or any type of bee pollen product, your dog likely has a serious bee pollen dog allergy and should not be fed any type of pollen products at all.

Aside from bee pollen dog allergy there is the little known fact that this miracle substance made by another creature of the animal kingdom can be beneficial in the treatment and overall health of the dog. As it does in human, bee pollen adds essential nutrients to the diet that cannot normally be made in the system such as vitamin C, and therefore helps with overall maintenance of general health. Bee pollen dog allergy is not something that is commonly found in fish or small houseflies.

It is essential that in order to treat bee pollen dog allergy that you recognize the signs of bee pollen dog allergy. Some of the signs can include noticing the dog having difficulty breathing and could be even throwing up.

It is often difficult to tell if dogs experience skin rash or hives but if you can identify those, you should immediately cease giving the dog any kind of bee pollen treatment. Excessive itchiness noticeable on the dog or swollen skin, which again can be hard to identify can be a sign that your dog is suffering from bee pollen dog allergy.

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