Before You Bring Your Teacup Puppy Home

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Before You Bring Your Teacup Puppy Home

by Dean Kordon

We?ve all seen them, whether it be in pictures, on TV, or in real life the teacup dog. You have always thought they were adorable and maybe someday you would like to obtain a teacup puppy. Before you consider purchasing any teacup dog breed, you have to realize that it takes a lot of hard work, time, dedication and patients to train your puppy.

You have to be ready to raise a baby into a well behaved and loving adult dog. For instance, teacup dog breeds are more susceptible to being a ?frady cat?. I am here to give you advice per say my own experience on raising animals. I have had cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, small rodents, fish and even ventured into fostering wildlife with great success.

The key to successfully raising a teacup puppy is to learn how to read your puppy. You can also do a search on teacup dog breeds to see if there are any special habits or health problems they may have. You have to pay strict attention to your puppies actions. What is he or she trying to tell you? Does you puppy need to go outside to use the bathroom, or is your puppy hungry or thirsty? Is your puppy feeling lonely or afraid. Remember and understand, your teacup puppy has just been taken from it?s mother and siblings and is in a strange place with strange smells and people and feels very scared and alone. I always tried to put myself in their situation and think how I would feel. I would want to feel secure and safe in my new home and most of all loved.

Before you bring your teacup puppy home you will have to purchase supplies for you puppy.

Things you will need:

A crate:

This is a very important training tool. You Teacup Puppy will have accidents and chew things up. You will need the proper size crate. A rule of thumb is your Teacup Puppy should be able to stand, lay down and have some room to move around comfortably. If your crate is too big your puppy will have accidents in it. When the crate is the appropriate size your Teacup Puppy should not use it for a bathroom. It is a known fact that in a small enough area, they will not relieve themselves as they do not want to be around their excrement. Note: Please read article on potty training tips.


Teacup Puppies love to chew, and guaranteed they will. It is up to you to supply proper chewing supplies for your puppy as not to ruin your shoes, clothes and what ever else they can get a hold of. One important tip is: Do Not leaving anything laying around your house. Keep everything picked up and put away. Note: Please read article on chewing habits.


Always purchase good quality ?Puppy Food?. Puppy food will provide the proper nutrition for your growing Teacup Puppies needs. Your Teacup Puppy will need puppy food for one full year. The reason I recommend a higher quality food is that with the proper nutrition and care, your puppy will be healthier and happier. Also, when using a better quality food your puppy will not shed as much. Obsessive shedding can be one contributor to poor nutrition. Make sure you purchase two dishes, one for food and one for water.


Supply your puppy with plenty of things to play with. Your Teacup Puppy will love to play. I have found many dogs that just love the stuffed animals with a squeaky in it. They love to carry it around the house in their mouths and make it squeak. It is quite amusing. If you purchase a ball or two for your puppy, make sure it is big enough to not cause a chocking hazard. Puppies and dogs have been known to get the balls caught in their throat because they were just the right size to obstruct the airway, and the results were not good. Also be careful of toys that your puppy could chew up very easily. If you are in doubt about certain toys either do not purchase them or keep a watchful eye while your puppy plays with it.

The Fun Stuff:

There are so many things you can buy for your Teacup Puppy that it makes your head spin. There are costumes, clothes, sweaters, boots, fancy collars and leashes and hats. The list just goes on and on. You can have a wonderful time just surfing the web to see what is all out there.

This should give you some idea of what you need to purchase before you bring your Teacup Puppy home. The most important items listed are a crate, dishes and food, things to chew on and toys. Having these items available when your Teacup Puppy comes home will help in the transition period of the both of you getting to know each other while building a long time trusting and loving relationship.

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