Before You Say Yes To That New Puppy

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Before You Say Yes To That New Puppy

by Sharon Kraft

We understand. One day you are walking in the mall, and just happen to pass the pet store. Oh, why not just take a break from shopping and take a look at the cute little puppies. All puppies are so adorable when they are small. Who can resist those eyes, that cute little face and the tail just seems to wag so hard when someone comes near their cage. The pet shop worker says, ?Do you want to hold one?? Sure, you have time for a cuddle. Fifteen minutes later you are hooked.

Well, you have been thinking about getting a dog someday. But wait,?.before you decide to take that puppy home.

There are important factors to consider BEFORE falling for that cuddly ball of fur.

1) What are your living arrangements? Do you live in a single family home with a fenced in back yard? Or an apartment on the 5th floor without an elevator?

2) What is your schedule? Do you work? Unable to be home for 8 hours or more every day? Maybe an older dog who is already housebroken would be a better choice. There are always dogs available for adoption at your local Humane Society.

3) What are your family dynamics? Are there small children who may not always remember to close the door fully when they go outside? Or may leave small toys on the floor that a puppy can chew or even swallow?

4) That puppy may be very small now, but what size will he/she be when fully grown - which only takes about a year. A Bichon will be approx. 12 lbs. fully grown whereas a golden retriever could be around 70 lbs.

5) Do you know the characteristics of the different breeds. Some breeds are more suitable for children than others. Some breeds are more suitable to apartments, some require more exercise area. Some breeds need professional grooming on a regular basis.

6) Do you want a male or female? Are you prepared to have him or her neutered or spayed. Are you ready for the expense of properly caring for a dog?

All these and many other questions need to be answered before you decide to bring a new addition into your household. A dog is a commitment of 8 to 15 years or more. It is very important that the decision be made carefully and involve all members of the family.

But if you are sure that you have thought it through and this is the ONE for you??. Hold onto that little fur ball, and tell the pet shop worker, ?I?LL TAKE THIS ONE?.

Life without a Pet is a dull life indeed !!

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