Behavior Training for Your Dog

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Behavior Training for Your Dog

by John Hinkley

It is highly recommended to have your dog trained immediately after acquiring it, or to simply adjust some deviant part in its behavior. Behavior training is not about teaching your dog tricks or field trials, but it rather refers to those methods that teach your dog good manners towards the other dogs or people around. They learn not to leap on people anymore, nor to overly bark or dig. Behavior training makes your dog stop tearing and gnawing at personal objects or furniture.

How to Achieve the Best Behavior

As far as dogs are concerned, good behavior must be taught, as this is not an innate quality. Luckily enough, dogs are opened to behavior training starting form a very early age. Although the training can begin when the dog is only a puppy, usually from 4 to 12 weeks of age, dogs are strongly influenced by their environment. This is as well, the point when the abilities to socialize with other dogs or with people start to develop.

Some dogs are very receptive to behavior training since six weeks of age, while others only around three months of life. At first, don't chasten too much your dog for its mistakes, because excessive aggressiveness coming from the owner or the trainer leads to a shy or violent dog. What you could do instead is to try to obtain a pet training practice through healthy admiration and positive support.

All you need for achieving the best behavior for your pet is a consistent and full of patience dog training program. There are many methods and practices used in behavior training, but still not all of them are appropriate for all dogs. Parts of a program may be changed according to the pet's behavior and the dog owner's personality. Dogs have behavior problems that are sometimes beyond the owner's competency. In such cases it is advisable to look for the help of a qualified dog trainer.

Guidelines in Behavior Training Your Dog

Here are some tips that are useful in training your pet dog:

The behavior training techniques must be consistent; you have to spend alot of time with your pet and show patience towards it. The training program should start at an early age and must be structured according to the dog's breed. If the behavior problems persist, seek for the guidance of a competent trainer.

Large dog breeds are part of your family and because you live with them, it is important for your pet to have a good behavior. Through proper behavior dog training, any of your canine's problems can be removed.

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