Beware of Puppy Mills

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Beware of Puppy Mills

by Nikki Carroll

All pet lovers have been there. You pass a window of a pet store and find yourself asking ?How much is that doggie in the window?. If you?re looking to add a cute and furry new pup to your life, it may be a harder task than you think. As appealing as that pet store might be, it is important to know where they are getting their animals. Most reputable breeders will not sell their pure bred canines to pet stores. For one thing, the breeder often reflects the quality of the pet. In fact, most pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills.

Although, you may have heard the term ?puppy mill? bouncing around you may not fully understand what they are. Most ?puppy mills? or ?puppy farms? exist solely to breed and sell dogs. On the other hand, well qualified breeders truly care about the purity of the breed and each dog. I certainly can not describe every puppy mill, but it is this profit-oriented mind set plus greed that usually make these ?puppy mills? an unfortunate recipe for animal cruelty. In most cases, the new babies are taken from their mothers much too early as soon as they seem big enough to sell and not base on any developmental time line. In extreme cases, the ASPCA or Humane Society is called in on reports of malnourishment.

There are many perfect places to look for man?s best friend without taking the risk of supporting this behavior. Your local animal shelter is a wonderful place to start. Even if you?re set on a brand new doggie or a specific breed, it would be smart to try your luck there first. Most may not know that mutts tend to be smarter and have less health problems. If you have your heart set buying your little furry friend then you need to look for a breeder who genuinely cares for the animals. This will assure you that the animal is well taken care of and will survive more than a few weeks in your care.

When you choose to buy from a ?puppy farm?, the owner?s main concern is to turn a profit. As long as a puppy looks good enough to be sold, it can be sold. A great dog breeder, however, knows that breeding goes far beyond determining the appearance of a dog. The most important thing is to simply do your research before buying your soon to be pampered pooch.

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