Black Labradors A Special Companion

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Black Labradors A Special Companion

by Michelle Bery

Dog lovers everywhere have their favorite breed; that very specific canine they hold nearest and dearest to their heart. For some, a childhood pet forever shapes the way they feel towards a particular dog. For others, the adult realization of a childhood dream allows them to pick out any dog they want ? and they choose the breed for which they?ve always had a fondness. Black Labradors continues to be one of the most popular breeds chosen as pets; their friendly nature, beautiful coats, and playful energy make them a wonderful addition to any family.

Black Labradors are known by their solid black coats and large statures. Historically, Labrador Retrievers of all varieties were used as hunting dogs because of their energy and instinctive nature. Black Labradors continue to be regarded for their high spirit and are subsequently welcomed into families. But the boundless energy for which black Labradors are known must also be respected; while just being playful black Labradors can inadvertently overcome and injure small children. But the intelligence of black Labradors allows them to be trained quite easily so an obedience program can do wonders for behavior.

Caring for black Labradors obviously includes the proper diet and veterinary care. Special care must also be given to their luxurious coats; Labradors shed quite a bit and should be groomed periodically.

But the most important thing to remember when it comes to black Labradors ? because of their substantial size ? is the space you must provide for them. Labradors should not be confined to small spaces; they do best with room to walk, run, and play. This not only provides adequate exercise but allows black Labradors to burn off energy. For this reason, healthy Labradors need space; a big back yard or open acreage.

Black Labradors can be a loving, joyous addition to any home! Take your time to learn about their personalities and needs so that you can determine if one is right for your family.

For easy to understand, in depth information about black labradors visit our ezGuide 2 Labradors.

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