Boarding Your Dog Part 1

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Boarding Your Dog Part 1

by Phil Miller

So you're ready to go on vacation! You're ecstatic about your chance to escape to paradise. However, you care for you pet like your very own child and you realize that leaving your pet at a questionable boarding kennel will only make you worry yourself sick while you're supposed to be enjoying yourself. Because, let's not lie... you could be hanging upside down somewhere in Mexico and sucking margaritas through a straw and you'd still be worried about your little pooch. So, its time to find a kennel that will give you that peace of mind.

First of all, let's dispel a myth. Dogs are NOT humans. While a kennel doesn't seem like the best place for a human to stay, try to get inside the head of a dog. Think about dogs in the wild. They naturally seek out dens. Their den provides them with a feeling of safety and protection. Domestic dogs are the same. Domestic dogs will voluntarily seek out an area like a cage or under a coffee table or some type of enclosed area.

I've also heard people say, "I can't board my dog in a kennel. Think about all those dogs barking." First of all, dog runs usually become loud only when there is some kind of excitement. i.e. visitors, feeding time, etc. And, once again, keep in mind that dogs are NOT humans. Sure it would be annoying to a human. But, barking is the language of dogs! Ever think how dogs feel in an area where there are a lot of humans talking? It probably sounds to them like a kennel sounds to us!

Finally, boarding can actually be a fantastic opportunity to socialize your dog. Dogs run in packs. They're naturally sociable with their own kind. Interaction with other dogs is important for the development of your dog. You don't want to deprive your dog of this completely natural part of being a dog.

With modern, sophisticated boarding kennels, this can absolutely be a pawsitive experience! This is not just a place where your dog gets shut away while you go on vacation. The modern, sophisticated boarding kennel actually provides an environment for your dog to also go on vacation and actually have a great time! Owning and operating our boarding kennel in citrus county FL has given us some unique perspective into the industry that we would like to share with you to help get that peace of mind while you're away.

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