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by Sandra Cundy

Bob is the name of our dog. When we went to pick a dog out, we took my granddaughter with us because it was important to us that the granddaughter and the dog be compatible. Bob looked like a perfect fit. She was gentle, obedient, and seemed genuinely to want to go with us. At that time Bob was three years old. After we got through with all the formalities, we took Bob to the car, put her in the back seat with the granddaughter and headed home. About half way home, I turned in my seat and told my granddaughter, ?We don?t have to call her Bob anymore. We can give her a girl?s name, like Misty or Bonnie or Sally. My granddaughter looked me right in the eye and said that Bob was a perfectly fine name. So Bob it is.

Once we got Bob home and over the ten years that we?ve had her, she has proven not to be the brightest puppy in the litter. But that?s okay with us because we really don?t expect much from her. My mother-in-law gets upset when we talk about Bob?s intelligence level. She is always asking why we would suggest that Bob is not very smart. We tell her because when the Domino ad comes on the TV, Bob goes to the door. When it rains, she sits out in the rain and gets wet and miserable. After ten years of my going to work at least 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, Bob still runs all over the house looking for me when my husband gets home from dropping me off at work.

Now that she is 13 years old, she is getting a little deaf and doesn?t hear as well as she use to. So now every time we go out somewhere and come home, Bob gets busted lying on the sofa. The sofa is actually two rocking recliners and we always knew that Bob was laying on it when we left the house, because quite often when we returned from going out and walked into the house, one side of the sofa would still be rocking. Now I can walk right up to the back of the sofa after returning home and there?s Bob, lying there listening intently for some noise. But I really don?t mind, because Bob has been a loving, loyal, gentle companion for us and I am glad that we rescued her.

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