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Boston Terrier Adoption

by Rhett Beantown

So, I have always wondered whether there were purebred dogs available through adoption from the Humane Society or not, since there are many pets out there who need a good home. My girlfriend and I would love to have a Boston Terrier, but being good citizens we decided it would be best to adopt instead of buy - we can save money and help out a poor dog who needs a good home.

I dug around online and apparently there are purebred rescue groups around the country that specialize in certain breeds, and there's a number from the website: (202) 452-1100. It says to ask for the Companion Animals section and mention that you're looking for a breed-rescue group in your local area.

Additionally, according to the Humane Society, purebreds account for around 25% to 30% of an animal shelter's population, which is a decent amount, so chances are pretty good of getting a purebred at a shelter. It doesn't hurt that we're in the Boston area, as well.

There are also some websites for animal adoption shelters such as Pets 911, Petfinder, and 1-800- SAVE-A-PET. They all have Find a Shelter links, with listings of animals that are in the local shelters - there aren't as many as I had thought, which is a good sign, but maybe they don't have the time or ability to list all of their animals.

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