Buying a Dog HouseHeres What You Need To Know

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Buying a Dog HouseHeres What You Need To Know

by Moses Wright

There are many types of commercial dog houses for sale today. Previously dog houses were made out of wood primarily plywood. They normally had pitched roofs and a door in the middle of the front wall, resting directly on the ground, on a thin wood floor, if they had a floor at all. They often rotted away in only a few years, because they are untreated with the chemicals that protect modern wooden houses from decay.

Today's wooden dog houses are usually made of treated lumber to prevent them from rotting. However, wooden houses are no longer the only houses of choice. Commercial dog houses are often made of high-impact plastic. They also come in a variety of siding types that even simulate stucco, brick, or stone ranging in price from cheap dog houses, sold for about thirty dollars, up to luxury dog houses sold for several hundreds of dollars.

How is a dog owner going to decide which house gives the best value for the money? There is no single answer to that question. Every dog, every dog owner, and every situation is different. Two potential solutions exist to the problem of selecting a dog house.

The first is to go from store to store and examine every dog house for the things that are most important to you: quality, sturdiness, style, material, color, and so on. Make notes if you have to do so, since there are a lot of houses for you to look at. The down side of this process is that it is very time consuming. It will probably take several days to go from place to place to see all of the products that you want so see. On top of that, a salesperson may attempt to talk you into an unsatisfactory product.

The advantage to this process, however, is that you get to see the product that interests you in real life. No glaring flaws on any product will escape your notice and you will have a better idea about the dimensions and can try to visualize it being placed at home, whether it will look good in the yard.

The second potential solution is to do research and to buy your dog's house on the Internet. The advantage to this process is that it is much faster than doing research in person. Just by searching online it is possible to find and evaluate hundreds of dog houses within the shortest time. There are no pushy salespeople and you save on time, gasoline, and quite possibly, frustration. It is also possible to find the best price for the dog houses that interest you online.

The only main disadvantage to shopping online is that it is only possible to compare products through their descriptions and sometimes is not enough to make a concrete comparison. In addition, most online shops will charge for shipping and handling, negating at least in part the low prices that are found.

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