Canine Arthritis Treatment Or Treating Your Dog For Arthritis

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Canine Arthritis Treatment Or Treating Your Dog For Arthritis

by John Coutts

Canine arthritis treatment, or dog arthritis treatment, involves pretty much the same steps as similar treatments for humans. Dogs can get many of the same arthritis conditions that we get, and it hurts just as much and causes the same amount of disability too.

There are a number of signs that indicate that your dog may have arthritis and require canine arthritis treatment. These include:

* Your pet having less enthusiasm for walks, and being less inclined to climb up a flight of steps.
* The joints being visibly swollen.
* The apparent lameness gradually appearing in one or more of the legs.
* Stiffness of the limbs becoming more apparent in the mornings than later in the day.
* You dog experiencing pain when weight is applied to the joints, such as when standing up after lying down for a long period of time.

There are other possible signs of canine arthritis, but these are the most commonly observed. The first thing you can do if your dog is overweight, as many of our pets are, is put the dog on a diet. A slimmer animal weighing less will alleviate much of the problem. It is also important to ensure that your dog has plenty of exercise, but obviously don't overdo it, or cause further discomfort in the pursuit of making him or her better.

One drug-free canine arthritis treatment is acupuncture. This has been known to provide significant pain-free results for pets, and success in this respect would also negate the need for drugs with all their possible side effects.

Certain herbal medicine treatments have also known to work well in dogs. These are usually designed to provide a more holistic approach to the problem, which is often very popular with the owners as well. So, if your dog develops signs of canine arthritis, don't immediately think of drugs. There are a number of possible alternatives that give good results that your dog will thank you for.

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