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Canine Good Citizen Dog Training

by Amy Howells

Do you have a dog that excels at all forms of dog training? Are you interested in taking your dog's dog training to the next step? Do you want something to show for all of your dog's abilities? Are you interested in showing your dog or perhaps getting your dog into agility? If you answered yes to any of these then you may be interested in getting your dog certified for Canine Good Citizen.

Canine Good Citizen is a special certificate your dog will receive once it passes the Canine Good Citizen dog training and test. This certificate certifies that your dog is well behaved in the community and home environments. Many dog training schools offer Canine Good Citizen dog training. But before you go and sign up, you should first learn a bit about the dog training.

This type of dog training is only for dogs that have completed several other dog training courses. The dog has to be well behaved as well. There are 10 things taught in this dog training course that your dog must pass in order to receive the certificate. These will be gone over in detail.

The first 5 parts of the dog training involve how the dog acts with you. This dog training involves teaching the dog to walk on a loose lead without problems and not to react to other dogs it sees while out and about. The next part of this dog training is to teach the dog to come when called with out being distracted.

It then moves on to dog training that involves teaching the dog to stay where you tell it to, even when you leave the area. The dog training then emphasizes teaching the dog to only pay attention to you and not any other distractions.

The next 5 parts of the dog training involve other people. First the dog training teaches the dog to allow strangers near it without becoming alarmed, then to sit nice and allow strangers to pet it.

The next part of the dog training is for the dog to allow strangers to handle it while still behaving nicely (such as for a vet or groomer). Then you take this dog training further by teaching your dog to be left with a stranger without becoming alarmed. Lastly, your dog is then taught to behave nicely in a crowd.

These are all of the things your Canine Good Citizen dog training will entail. If you think your dog can do well with this, you should consider getting it certified. This type of dog training will ensure that your dog can behave in any environment it may be placed in. Canine Good Citizen dog training is a great way to give you peace of mind.

Amy Howells is owner of the Dog Owner Blog, where she gives free information on all aspects of dog behavior training.For more advice on dog training, as well as information on dog crate training, be sure to visit her blog right now.

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