Cheap and Cheerful Dog Grooming

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Cheap and Cheerful Dog Grooming

by Eric Hartwell

Many people often have the wrong notion that the shampoo people use is also suited for dogs. In truth human shampoo may contain harsh ingredients that are not fit for your beloved pet. In fact, even commercial shampoos created for pooches can often be too strong for your dog?s delicate and sensitive skin. Going all natural would be the thing to do but natural shampoos for dogs being sold in the market could also be costly.

You could actually save on costs if you make your own herbal shampoo. You not only save on precious dollars, you are also assured of the ingredients that go into making your own home made shampoo. You even have the option of mixing whatever you would want to include as an ingredient. A good herbal shampoo would be one that contains aloe vera which is very good for your dog?s skin and coat. A diluted mixture of water and aloe vera is not only mild and gentle but will also leave your pooch with a shiny coat. You could even add a hint of baby shampoo to the mixture to develop a rich lather when giving your dog a bath.

Rinse and finish off with a delicate scent?

If you are using a commercial shampoo for your dog, you can help restore the pH balance of your dog?s skin by giving your pet an all natural rinse by mixing lukewarm water with a teaspoon of apple cider. Use this on your dog?s coat followed by an optional rinse of warm water.

You can spray your dog?s coat with a body spray to leave it smelling fresh all day. You could also opt to use essential oils like lavender or rose rubbed on their skin. These are practically safe and will not result in irritations in any way. When spraying though make sure that you do not get it into your dog?s face.

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