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ChewgarsCigars For Those With Fur

by Jennifer Jordan

I love dogs. I have my whole life. My dogs I consider family (only I rarely ask them for money). I let them sleep in my bed, ride shotgun in my car, and I have even been known to kiss them on the lips (hey we?re in love, okay?). When it comes time to give them presents (on Christmas, on their birthdays, or important times of a dog?s life: first day of obedience school, day they become house trained, day they are bar mitzvahed) I always strive to give them something unique; something that they in their sophistication can appreciate (for the sake of this article, we are ignoring the fact that they eat their own feces). One thing I?ve recently come across that is both fun for pets and pet owners are Chewgars, cigars made for dogs; get your animal in the habit of smoking these.

For those of you who are both dog owners and cigar lovers, you may notice some things that non-pet owners do not. Take for instance the reactions of your beloved pup. As you light up a Henry Clay or a Montecristo, you may notice Rover or Fido looking on, salivating like a tobacco loving version of Pavlov?s dog. You may notice that man?s best friend stares at you with jealously whenever you smoke a cigar. Or, you may simply notice him pretending to smoke a chicken bone the way a child pretends to smoke a candy cane or pretzel stick. When this kind of thing happens, the only way to reward your beloved pet is with a cigar of his own.

Chewgars are made of rawhide and shaped like cigars, intended for only the most sophisticated and luxury loving animals. Though they look like real cigars, and even come in a cigar box, they don?t contain any tobacco; that is saved for the humans. Each Chewgar is eight inches long and individually banded; they will cause onlookers to catch a glimpse of your dog and suddenly realize the truth: your dog is so much cooler than theirs. They will also realize that your dog?s Chewgar can totally beat up their dog?s milk bone.

Chewgars are made of American premium rawhide (although we are unsure if anyone really knows what rawhide actually is) and they contain USDA certified beef, chicken and even chocolate flavors. They are also free of pesticide and preservatives; in other words, they contain no surgeon general warnings. Suitable for both puppies and older animals, your dog doesn?t need to be over 18 to buy them.

If you love cigars and you love your dog (or you know someone who loves cigars and loves their dog) Chewgars are about as unique a gift as they make. No other present gives your dog the ability to unwind after a hard day of work: a hard day of being the protector of your house, the chaser or squirrels, and, most of all, the provider of unconditional love.

Jennifer Jordan is an editor and staff writer for At home in a design firm in Denver, Colorado, she writes articles specific to the finer things in life.

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