Choosing The Right Dog

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Choosing The Right Dog

by Wycliffe Williams

It appears that dogs have become an integral part of our lives. Well over 75 million of our four-legged friends live with us in the USA. Surveys indicate that we are moving toward choosing the medium to smaller size dog.

But are we doing a good job of choosing the right dog for us and our family? Choosing the right type of breed is vitally important. Younger family members may want a puppy from a more active breed. Grandma and Grandpa may want a more sedentary breed of dog.

Choosing the right type of breed should be well thought out and planned. Use the internet to help you in choosing the right dog. Search for ?selecting dog breed? and see what you come up with. Take your time matching the puppy with family lifestyle. I would discourage getting the dog of the day.

Do you reside in an apartment or a house? Apartment living practically forces you to go outside to exercise your pet. In choosing the right dog for an apartment you may want a less active breed. What size is your house? If you do have a house, what size is your yard? You would need a fence, invisible or not.

How much time do you have to devote to your new puppy? Can you afford the upkeep of your puppy? Here?s were choosing the right dog can be crucial. Some dogs shed a lot. Grooming bills for dogs with a lot of hair could play havoc with your budget.

Have you considered the various preventive shots. The vet bills. What steps have you put in place if your puppy is an all night barker? Very practical tips on dealing with an all night barker can be found at the end of this article.

This article is not designed to discourage anyone from owning a pet. Please?get your family a puppy, but think it through. Don?t rush into it. Your commitment to owning a puppy is more than likely a ten year commitment.

In choosing the right dog, keep the next question in mind. What is the main problem people have with their puppies and dogs? If you answered potty training, then you are correct. This will always be the number one challenge.

Many puppy owners have pee pads and litter tubs for their pet to go in? That?s not the answer to the problem. The immediate area is always stained with litter or pee from your pet?s paws.

You need the Wizdog Indoor Potty.

The Wizdog Indoor Potty allows your puppies and dogs to relieve themselves inside your house. Wizdog is a simple indoor potty made of two main parts; a tray and a grate. Puppy waste and dog waste goes through the grate into the tray below.

Wizdog Indoor Potty is a paw friendly system that doesn?t allow puppy and dog paws to come into contact with the waste. This makes for a sanitary area. Your pet does his business and walks away.

Recently, my neighbor had a problem. His puppy was vaccinated and the veterinarian told him not to let the puppy outside for three months.

He didn?t know how he would overcome the puppy waste challenge he was faced with. He was thinking about giving her up. He searched the internet and found the Wizdog Indoor Potty. Both puppy and owner are more than happy with the outcome.

Wycliffe Williams just loves puppies and dogs. Herman was his favorite. He faced many challenges with Herman. Are you facing challenges with your four-legged friend? What does your pet do to your house if you are held up at work or stuck in traffic and get home later than expected? Wizdog is the answer you?ve been seeking. Click here and go to the WizDog link on my website. Also, for your all night barker click here for puppy & dog secrets.

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