Choosing Your Childs First Dog Making the Right Choices

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Choosing Your Childs First Dog Making the Right Choices

by Steven Paul

Before you take the plunge here are a few things to research and think about.

There are quite a few breeds that work well with children. Keep in mind that every dog is an individual with its own unique temperament and personality. It's important to remember that there are good dogs and bad dogs in every breed.

Some breeds to consider:

Golden Retriever: A great choice if you enjoy spending time outdoors.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Weighing in around 25 pounds you will have a pup that will gladly get his daily exercise romping with the kids.

West Highland White Terrier: Although playful and loveable this breed will probably do better with older kids.

Irish Setter: Always eager to please and a wonderful companion.

Schnauzer: Another pup that is often eager to please and is available in several sizes, and they do not shed much.

Labrador Retriever: You will find a lab full of energy, very protective and a devoted family member.

Poodle: If you are looking for a dog that is intelligent, friendly, and does not shed much then the poodle deserves a look.

Bichon Frise: Best described as happy obedient and faithful the Bichon makes a great addition to any home.

Airedale: A great protector and family friend the Airedale is extremely loyal.

Other questions to consider:

  1. What size dog is right for your family?
  2. How much space do you have for your dog?
  3. How much exercise can you give your dog?
  4. Where will the dog live?
  5. How much grooming are you willing to do?
  6. What types activities do you plan to do with your dog?
  7. What past experience do you have with dogs?
  8. Will you take in a shelter dog or look for a pure bred?
  9. How much time will you commit to training your dog?

Speaking of training, a well trained dog is a confident and safer dog. Once trained you can know what to expect from your dog in almost any situation. You will take pride in an animal that listens and responds to your commands. With effective training many of the concerns and complaints pet owners have will vanish. Investing the time and effort to train your new dog or puppy will pay off for you and your new pet for many years to come.

If you take the time to find the right fit for your family and to train your new pet correctly, you can have a wonderful companion. Why not be the pet owner you want to be and the one your dog deserves?

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