Choosing a Dog Collar for your Dog

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Choosing a Dog Collar for your Dog

by Jayne Corsini

Dog Collars

Pet owners believe their pets are part of the family. The thought of a loved one being lost or stolen is not enjoyable for any pet owner. Statistics do show the chance of being rejoined with your pet is much greater if they are wearing a dog collar and id tag. Dog collars are not only valuable for returning lost pets, they are necessary for walking, exercising and training your dog. Last but not least they can also be used for making your dog look more attractive or simply to give your dog that certain look. For example, many people with large male dogs will choose a thick dark colored dog collar with silver studs to promote the tuff male image. On the other hand a small female dog owner may choose a thin bright colored dog collar with diamonds or jewels to maintain the delicate feminine image.

There are several types of collars to choose from so this may not be an easy task. The first and most important thing to remember is that your dog collar fits correctly and is comfortable. The 4 most preferred dog collar materials are leather, nylon, canvas and chain.

The leather collar with a buckle is the strongest, most comfortable and most practical. If choosing a leather dog collar, choose flat for short haired dogs so as to not leave a mark on their neck and round for long haired coats so the hair is not broken. The leather collars will soften from the natural oils in your dog's skin and wears well. Allow no more than two fingers space between your dog's neck and the dog collar. A braided leather dog collar is the sturdiest and highly recommended for the larger more powerful breeds.

The nylon and canvas dog collar is not as strong as the leather collar. These collars usually have a quick release buckle. These two types of dog collars are typically lighter in weight and come in a larger variety of colors. The nylon or canvas dog collar is usually strong enough for most small, medium and some larger breeds. If your dog will be in the water a lot you will probably prefer the nylon collar. The halter type collar, which controls your dogs head or harness type collar comes in leather, nylon and canvas. In some cases, the harness collar works well with extremely small dogs. You can control the dog when walking or exercising them and you do not have to worry about hurting their tiny necks.

The chain (choke or slip) dog collar is used more for training. These collars work with any type of leash. When you pull on the leash, the dog collar tightens around the dog's neck thus restraining your dog. The discomfort will let your dog know their behavior is unacceptable and gradually the dog will correct its mistakes.

The shock collar can be used in training if the choke collar does not seem to be working. They have proven to be effective in repetitive misbehavior such as chasing cars and jumping or in controlling dangerous dogs. The shock collar can be used from a distance and usually come with multiple levels of electric intensity. Some shock collars come with an added sound only button. After the dog gets used to the shock discomfort the sound alone will stop the mischievous act.

When bringing home a new puppy, do not get a dog collar that is to big. A washable nylon or canvas will be lightweight yet strong enough to begin with. As your puppy grows, you can decide the type of dog collar you think will be best suited for you and your dogs needs. Start your puppy out with a dog collar and a dog leash and they will think it is a way of life and will not resist when they are larger and you want to go for a walk. No matter what breed of dog you own, a dog collar is a vital item for the safety and well being of your cherished pet.

Jayne Corsini is the owner of Pet County Gold offers a variety of dog products including dog collars, beds, bowls crates and cages.

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