Choosing a Dog Training Book

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Choosing a Dog Training Book

by Navy T

Choosing a dog training book that works for you is largely dependent on the personality type of your dog. There are several dog training methods available, including leash and collar training, reward training, and clicker training. The method that works best for your dog will vary.

First, you will want to assess your dog?s personality. Is he hyper? Is he laidback? Is he aggressive? Is he complacent? These are all questions you want to ask yourself when determining your dog?s personality. Now, do you feel like you have to manhandle your dog and is it hard to keep his attention? When choosing a dog training book for a dog that is hard to handle, you may consider leash and collar training. Is your dog laidback, but he needs some motivation? If so, you may choose reward training. Some dogs have a little of both personalities and you may have to combine training methods. The process of choosing a dog training book may have to consider both styles of training.

While considering different dog training books, you may want to look for dog trainers who are known to be successful. There is generally a reason that they are popular and you should consider their literature when you are choosing a dog training book. All dog trainers have a different flair or style in their training, but they are all based around the core training systems that have been used for years.

When considering training your own dog and choosing a dog training book, you should also assess your own personality. Many people have difficulty training their own dogs because they do not have the patience for it. It takes thirty times of repeating a behavior for humans to develop a habit. The same is true for dogs, however, dogs may require less or more time. If you have a dog that is easily distracted, it may require more time to train. New dog owners may have difficulty training their dog because they expect them to understand and think like humans when, in fact, the dog does not. Dogs also require persistence and repetition in their obedience training and it is important that owners work with them on a continuous basis. Dog owners should take this into consideration when choosing a dog training book or when choosing a dog trainer.

There are also a variety of different styles of dog training for dogs that already know basic obedience. When choosing a dog training book for various activities you can do with your dog, you should also consider what you believe your dog would enjoy. There are many dogs that enjoy jumping and you may find that choosing a dog training book that teaches long jumping would be a good fit. Dogs of all sizes enjoy agility training and choosing a dog training book with agility courses might be up your alley. When you have a dog with basic obedience down, the possibilities are endless.

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