Choosing the Right Dog Cat Bed

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Choosing the Right Dog Cat Bed

by Mary Margaret Hyde

A pet's physical condition and age may factor into the selection. Some beds have catnip pillows to tuck inside them to entice cats to choose that bed. Older arthritic pets need more support for their achy joints and this is a valid concern. A popular type of bed has 'bumpers' surrounding it giving the animal a sense of security and it also resembles a 'nest' that dogs and cats create as they turn around and around before curling into a ball to sleep. Some bumper beds have one side missing to enable the elder pet to easily step onto the bed.

The filler or stuffing of the pet bed is most important for the comfort of your pet. One of the newest environmentally friendly fillers is mode from recycled plastic bottles. It is super-soft and odor free and very durable. It holds its 'loft' and is light weight. Styrofoam beads are light in weight, resist odor and can be easily shaped by your pet for 'nesting.' An 'egg crate' filler may be just the right choice for an older arthritic dog but it will not have a long servicable life as the foam tends to break down over time. Recently a 'jel type' bed has been introduced that is claimed to be preferred by many dogs for its supurb comfort.

The outer covering of a pet bed should be made of a high quality fabric that can withstand pawing and digging and can be easily removed for machine washing. Clean bedding can reduce the allergens for you and your pet and forestall the possibility of a flea infestation. Shapes, colors and designs can be found to please owners who have an eye for fashion and want the pet bed to match their home decor.

The size of your pet's bed should be large enough for a full length stretch. Pets that curl into a ball to sleep may require a smaller bed.

The more you know what choices are available the more likely you will choose the best bed for your beloved pet. Remember that support and comfort are the most important factors. is a pet site offering unique organic beds for pets with allergies, fresh frozen raw dog/cat foods, 100% guaranteed collars, leashes and harnesses, safe nontoxic dog/cat toys, pesticide free catnip and more. All products are proudly made in USA.

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