Choosing the Right Harness For Your Dog

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Choosing the Right Harness For Your Dog

by Eric Hartwell

Choosing the right harness for your dog can be a problem. There are a number of factors to consider.

Dogs are the perfect companions when going out for a walk in the park or on the beach. With their highly energetic exuberance and overflowing happiness, it is inevitable that dogs can become constant companions for those who need a little uplifting of the spirits. Walking around with a dog may prove to be more relaxing than walking alone. The easy camaraderie and love between a dog and its owner more than makes up for any tiredness that walking creates on a person ? making choosing the right harness for your dog even more important. Mind you, having a dog to walk may even encourage you to exercise more!

Not only does walking your dog provide you with a good amount of exercise, it also helps in building up your dog?s ego especially of you are correct in choosing the right harness. A dog?s body is geared for running and playing and both are necessary for his well-being. Lack of exercise can bring about all kinds of digestive disorders such as constipation and some degree of mental and physical sluggishness too. Walking with humans provide a dog not just some physical benefits but emotional gratification as well.

Leash Training:

Walking with your dog should be a period of gratification as well as serious education for his future well being making choosing the right harness for your dog an important consideration. When you are out with your dog, teach him to walk a few steps in front of you and not to pull constantly on the leash. A definite amount of psychology is needed in teaching a dog to be towed along with a leash attached to his neck. Expect that he will fight, tug and pull the first time you take him out for a walk!

The first step to leash training is to teach your dog to wear a collar. He will not like it at first and will likely scratch it and try to get it off but soon he will resign himself to his fate. Allow him to get used to the collar for a week or so and then, try to attach a rope to the collar and let him play with it and drag it around the house first. This makes him feel that he is not totally chained to the rope. Then, try to hold the rope and let him feel that you have control of his collar. At first, he would put up resistance like tugging or pulling and going in every direction. Remember to never jerk the rope and soon, he will realize that nothing drastic will happen to him when you hold the rope. Once he?s ready for walking, teach him to walk with you without getting under your feet. Once a dog has his first experience of walking on the park with you, he will surely appreciate his collar!

Choosing the right harness for your dog:

Choosing the right harness for your dog is made more difficult because there are different types available. The metal choke collar is probably the most popular. If your dog is quite large and strong, this is the best collar for him. The fur saver choke collar is devised to manage the dog without leaving any chain marks around his neck. The nylon choke collar is best suited for small dogs for they are gentler than the others. The rule of thumb when choosing the right harness is to find the best collar that would suit his type, temperament and breed.

These simple steps may very well ensure a more fun-filled and enjoying walk with your dog. By choosing the right harness for your dog you can both experience added pleasure together. So go out there and take your dog to the park or the beach!

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