Citronella No Bark Collar Is It The Best Choice

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Citronella No Bark Collar Is It The Best Choice

by Ira Nelson

Many chapters have been written about the reasons dogs bark excessively in reaction to what?s going on around them from alarm barking, to territorial barking, to aggression, and it is helpful to know what is prompting such conduct, but mainly we will center on the use of the citronella no bark collar as a way to stop a barking dog.

It?s been suggested that up to one third of all dog owners mention this behavioral problem as one of the most annoying of their pet?s habits. Many dog owners are looking for some way to control their pet?s uncalled for and uncontrollable barking.

Unlike electronic collars which give a mild shock when its onboard sensor detects barking, the citronella no bark collar delivers a harmless burst of citronella spray that makes a sound and delivers a scent and a feel that most dogs don?t like and if used correctly, will interrupt his barking and help the dog associate his barking will a negative result.

Using positive reinforcement such as praise and accolades as part of the training to amplify his non-barking will also help with the process and reduce the chance of him becoming accepting or accustomed to the spray.

According to reports in leading animal hospital and veterinary journals most dog owners who have tried both types of no bark collars preferred citronella spray over shock for their dogs, and one university study showed an over 88% success rate with the citronella no bark collar as compared to about 44% with the electronic shock collar.

How Does This Work to Train Your Dog?

The Citronella no bark collar works by spraying in front of his nose and face when a sensor or microphone detects the barking and is triggered. By thus interrupting your pet's barking consistently your pet will come to associate being sprayed with his barking behavior.

With a remote citronella training collar the owner has a hand-held remote transmitter with which he can deliver a short or slightly longer burst of citronella as the situation or dog?s personality and response dictates. Of course with the remote version, your timing is critical. In order to avoid confusing your dog, it must only be used during the actual barking. Some units even have a reward tone to reinforce desirable behavior.

Will the Citronella No Bark Collar be Harmful to My Pet?

The citronella no bark collar is designed to position the spray in front of the nose and not directly in the face or eyes. Usually the citronella is only a small percentage of the solution or it is buffered so that it won?t be an irritant to the eyes or skin.

Citronella is a natural, nontoxic oil that has been used around humans and animals throughout history, although some people can be allergic.

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