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Clicker Training For Dogs

by Chris S

What's one of the fastest growing dog training techniques in the world today?

It's got to be clicker training for dogs.

What Is Clicker Training For Dogs?

Clicker training is a very clear and effective method of us communicating with our dogs. It's

a non violent reward based training technique full of positive reinforcement, two way

communication and mutual respect between trainer and dog. The foundation of clicker training

for dogs is a scientific principle termed - Operant Conditioning. Basically what this means

is that reinforced or rewarded behavior in dogs is more likely to be repeated, and behaviors

that are not reinforced will become less likely to occur again.

Therefore in a practical sense clicker trainers tend to focus overwhelmingly on the desirable

behavior of their dogs (and reinforce it) rather than on the dogs undesirable behavior. This

is a quite a change in thinking when compared with previously accepted "old school" dog

training techniques. At the core of these old time methods is violence, harsh corrections and

intimidation directed towards the submissive dogs. Where's with clicker training the dogs are

encouraged to think, problem solve and experiment without the fear of violence suppressing

their actions. The difference is enormous, you only have to watch a clicker training session

to see it for yourself.

How Do Clicker Trainers Shape New Behavior?

The clicker itself is a "construction tool" which serves to clearly and accurately mark the

desired behavior in our dogs. It also serves to bridge the desired behavior to our

reward/treat. Lets have a look at how clicker trainers teach a new behavior - step by step.

1. Get the desired behavior to happen - lure, target stick, shape or let it occur naturally.

2. Mark the behavior the instant it happens - "click"

3. Reward/reinforce the behavior - treats, praise, life rewards etc.

4. Generalize the behavior - add the three D's. Practice the behavior adding new challenges

such as duration, distance and distractions.

5. Cue the behavior - add a verbal and/or visual signal like "sit" or "down" etc.

6. Gradually fade the clicker and treats.

That's the theory and process behind this great dog training technique. The best way to

experience and really appreciate it is to get out and give it a try with your own dog. You'll

see first hand the many benefits and advantages clicker training for dogs has to offer.

Chris Smith is a dedicated dog owner and creator of Dog Obedience Training Review.

Discover the right way to properly train your puppy or older dog yourself, at home. Including Clicker Training and Dog Whispering.

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