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Clothes For Your Dog

by Eric Hartwell

You see celebrities showing off their pooches in adorable designer dog clothes. You see people strutting with their dogs wearing cute little outfits. It has been a trend nowadays for people to dress up their dogs in clothes like shirts, coats, sweaters, boots and even custom made costumes for Halloween and dress up parties. It looks even adorable to find master and pet wearing matching colors and outfits.

Contrary to what you may think, dressing up your pets specifically dogs is not only for the sole purpose of projecting a fashion statement or having an outlet to spend your extra dollars, it has a practical and valid reason as well.

Why your dog should wear clothes

There are practical reasons why your dog should wear apparel. First and foremost you have to consider the coat and fur of your pet. There are certain dog breeds that have short hair and so they may feel a bit cold especially during the harsh winter months when you bring them outside of the house. Also, although certain dogs may have longer hair, they may not be used to the cold weather outside when you take them out for a walk especially if they have been so used to staying inside the home where it is warm and comfortable.

If your dog has just visited the groomer, certain dogs tend to be vulnerable to sickness after having just been shaved, washed and clipped. Other dogs that may have just come from a surgical procedure or is under a medical treatment and it needs apparel to protect those areas where the hair has been loss until the hair grows back again. Dogs whose hair has also been shaved for some other reason need clothes to protect their skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

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