Collar Dog Training Can be an Effective Tool

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Collar Dog Training Can be an Effective Tool

by Mylar Skye

Collar dog training is one of the most controversial methods of training dogs today. These special collars, known as e-collars or shock collars, will give the dog a light shock as a punishment for misbehaving. Many may find the use of a shock collar for training as cruel but others find it an effective tool when it comes to training their pet. New modern e-collars now come with the option to lighten the shock wave, making it possible to set the shock at the very minimum setting. This will cause just enough of a sensation to make the dog feel uncomfortable without pain.

Dog trainers find that the use of collar dog training can help the dog learn rapidly and often brings about a reliable response from the dog. Dogs will soon learn that misbehavior will cause an uncomfortable and annoying sensation and will learn new behaviors quickly. Several methods of teaching are used along with a shock collar. One way is to ask the dog to perform a specific task. The trainer will give the dog a command to perform while pressing the button on the collar. This will annoy the dog. Once the dog performs the command, the button is released. This is often the method used for dogs who don't always follow commands, but have already learned to follow directions from its owner.

The second method of collar dog training is to give the dog a slightly more intense shock when it misbehaves. No commands are necessarily being given. When the dog starts acting in an undesirable behavior, a shock is given which tells the dog to stop. An anti-bark collar is another type of training tool. This collar automatically gives a slight shock to the dog whenever it barks. It's sensitivity can be set and helps train the dog from continually barking.

No matter which method you choose, with the new collars available today, collar dog training has been known to help modify behavior.

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