Concerning Your Dogs Sleep

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Concerning Your Dogs Sleep

by Eric Hartwell

Dogs love to sleep. For the record, most dogs sleep for about 14 hours a day. This is including short naps and long dozes. You may think that dogs can sleep just anywhere. That is another misconception. Some dogs are, for a fact, particular about where to sleep.

Where to make your dog sleep is not an easy decision to make. You cannot just decide for your dog, though. It is better that you observe your pet where it usually takes its nap or where it normally sleeps first. Of course, you cannot just let your dog sleep around just anywhere. Let's say your pet loves to take its nap on the sofa, but you hate its hair spread all over the couch. Discipline your dog when you need to. Train your dog if you plan to designate a place for it to sleep.

Many dog owners allow their dogs to sleep with them on the bed. This is not advisable, though. You may allow your dog to sleep with you in your room but not on your bed. However, if you have a strong bond with your dog and your dog does not have any unusual or unpleasant behavior, allowing your dog to sleep on the bed with you should not be a concern.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding where your dog sleeps. These include the age and size of your dog, its behavior, how it sleeps, and the materials used for the bedding (in case you plan to buy your dog a bed).

The age and size of your dog will help you determine how big or small bedding or a cage you should choose for your pet. If you are to buy bedding and you are petting a puppy, you have to determine how big its breed can grow. Unless, you are willing to buy new beddings each time it outgrows the old one. Now, if you have an adult dog, what you need to consider is how your dog sleeps. Does it curl or does it stretch? The materials used for the bedding should also be considered as there are materials that when combined with urine, can produce poisonous substance.

Provide a bed for your dog. If you can afford to buy your dog bedding, it will be a much more comfortable option. For young puppies, folded up towels will do. You can also knit scrap cloths or old clothes that are not anymore being worn. This should keep the puppies warm during the night. Adult dogs can sleep in rags. There is also a variety of beddings available for them. You should be careful, however, in choosing beds for your dog. Make sure that the materials used for the bed passed the health and sanitary standards.

Another option is a sleeping quarter. We already know about a dog's sleeping pattern. Dogs sleep and nap a lot. So, providing them a sleeping quarter could be a good move. Just make sure to always keep it clean and dry. The size of the sleeping quarter should also be spacious enough for your dog to be able to move or turn around with ease. See to it that the cage will not restrict your dog to move, stretch or stand up comfortably.

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