Control Your Dog With Assertion

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Control Your Dog With Assertion

by Eric Hartwell

It is not easy to have a pet and expect them to do good but let them do anything they please. Dogs need training with a good dose of loving attention, too. This is the most effective way of having a good relationship with a dog. With the right dosage of discipline, love, attention, and care, the owner in return gets double that or even more.

Your dog will look to you for guidance and inspiration. If he doesn't get it - if you are weak or not committed - then your dog will behave badly. Or, at least, he could be have badly. If you are not dominant then he will be.

Being dominant does not mean that you are aggressive or violent. That should never happen. But it does mean that you should be aware of your dog's habits and try to steer a different path for him. There are many things you can do to help this process - dog training schools are only one option.

Basically you need to let him know who is boss in the home. He will love you just the same as he would have done so otherwise. You are the alpha male or female and what you say, goes. He needs to learn the rules of the house and the rules of his behavior with you, other people and other dogs.

If not then he will naturally become the aggressor and the alpha male or female. This could manifest itself in biting, chewing, barking, attacking and injuring. He does not know any better and, just like a child, needs help and guidance to be good in behavior and spirit.

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