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Control a Barking Dog

by Eric Hartwell

Dogs bark for a good number of reasons. It can vary from the simplest reason to the more complex ones. Barking is inherent with any dog because that is how they communicate with each other. But there are some dogs whose incessant barking really annoys not just the owners but also the neighborhood as well.

Reasons Why Your Dog Barks Incessantly

Here are some things an owner should know why they bark that continuously and annoyingly.

Dogs need attention, and dogs, by nature, love to play. If they are ignored, they are more prone to depression and/or start becoming unruly. They need the owner to start giving them attention, some time to play or take a walk in the park. It is basic knowledge that dogs should be taken for a walk on a daily basis, rain or shine.

The dog may need something that it knows the owner could provide. It could probably be hungry or have to go pooh or something. The owner could go see what the dog is barking about and attend to it promptly. It is also good to follow a fixed schedule for feeding and potty purposes. This will train the dog when to expect their basic needs to be attended to and be less of a bother to the owner.

If the dog becomes persistent on barking after making sure that his needs have been provided for, the pet may be testing how far the owner would go to meet his demand. Hurting the dog will usually not work in the long run although it may initially stop the barking, but after a few moments, I bet the barking will start again. This can be better addressed by spraying the dog with water. This should be a warning to the dog if verbal reprimand fails to elicit the desired response from the dog. But it is still best to make the dog stop barking first through verbal command.

If the owner starts receiving complaints that the dog continuously barks whenever he?s out, he could have his friend drive his car to trick the dog into thinking that the owner?s gone. The owner should then hide in a spot where the dog cannot track him visually, positioning himself downwind where the dog cannot pick up his scent. If it starts barking, rush in and angrily shake a can full of stones and loudly say ?No barking!? or ?Quiet!? in a firm and commanding tone of voice while shaking the collar unsympathetically, letting him know who the master is.

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