Cool Way To Digitize Your Dog Care Information

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Cool Way To Digitize Your Dog Care Information

by Val Witt

Finding your dog care information records can be like solving a mystery. Where, oh where was that safe-place-I-put-Rover-records-that-I'd-never-forget? Suddenly, when you need his records the most, you don't have a clue and end up looking in countless places for the evidence!

Most of us have some kind of organized system with our personal records, or just keep the important docs at the bank. But when it comes to our dog's information, many of us are not so diligent or have no system at all! Let's be honest, we've never been paper-trained!

But, what if there were an easy system for retrieving Rover's records right away - wouldn't that be great? Well there is one.... and by using it you'll always be able to find what you need. I've spent some time reviewing this system and it seems to be a great solution to solve the dog care information problem.

With this system, you'll be able to find your dog's details all in one place, at any time, day or night. And, what better way to do this in our modern world, than to use the computer, along with a software program designed specifically for storing dog care information records. The system is right there on your computer, always at the ready to fetch that certain piece of doggie information in a matter of seconds.

Dog Care Information - Records of Importance

So, what kind of records might you want to keep for easy retrieval? One item that immediately comes to mind is your dog's registration with the AKC if you happen to have a pedigree dog. After all, a dog's genealogy is something of historical value just like your family ancestry. If you lost his papers but had his registration data recorded in the program, you would never lose access to this information again.

Here are some other areas of dog information you might want or need to access quickly:

* Medical History

* Licensing Information

* Adoption papers including all prior history

* Proof of Ownership

* Breeding details

* Vet Contact Information

* Emergency Back-up Vet Contact

* Insurance policy details

Think about this - what if you become ill or incapacitated? Your dog's records and vital information would be a blessing to the kindly soul who takes over the care of your dog.

At other times you could use it to pull records together that are needed for travel or relocation purposes - especially valuable for international travel.

If you move far away, think of the value in being able to provide your new vet with your dog's comprehensive health and vaccination history.

You could also keep track of training classes and makes notes on your dog's progress.

Enter upcoming dog appointments, as well as reminders of ones you need to schedule so that your dog will never miss an important date.

Record names of medications, details of dosage and renewal reminder dates. Enter details of rabies certificate, and spay/neuter information. Makes notes about any significant health issues your dog has or allergies.

Wills - If provisions have been made for your dog in a will to ensure his continued care, it would be a great idea to make a note of this in his record also.

Add a picture of your dog to the record for identification purposes.

And finally, let your children and other family members become familiar with the system - most everyone is using the computer these days so it's easy for anyone to enter doggie data as needed.

The software program I'm talking about will let you work smarter, cut down on the paper trail and make life a whole lot easier when it comes to finding your dog's important information. Oh, and one more thing, you can keep track of all the pets you have in the same system, with a separate record for each one. And whenever there are upgrades to the software, you'll receive them automatically.

Your dog is an important part of your family and so is his dog care information. Keep his details safe and easy to find with this easy to use software, then pat yourself on the back for being so smart!

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