Crate Dog Training Helping Your Dog to Feel Comfortable

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Crate Dog Training Helping Your Dog to Feel Comfortable

by Mylar Skye

When you are a dog breeder, or you show dogs on a regular basis whether for beauty or obedience, you have to take crate dog training into consideration. Even if your dog is just a companion for you and/or your family, he should learn to be able to understand the crate, and to accept it as a fact of life in some circumstances.

Like most animals, dogs would rather not be confined to a small space. This is where crate dog training can be so important. Simply shoving your dog into a crate for travel or when you need him to stay in one specific spot could cause him to become confused and frightened. Before you ever need your dog to use a crate, you should get him used to it. To start off, keep the crate in a place where your dog can see it every day, and keep the crate door open. Let him get used to the smell, the look, and the fact that the crate is simply a normal item in the home.

When it comes to more active crate dog training, you want to go a step further. Keep the crate in the same place and the door open, but also start putting dog treats in it. Don?t do this when your dog is watching; wait until he is not around the crate and put a couple treats in there. Don?t show your dog that they are there; let him discover them on his own. Don?t worry, he?ll smell the treats, and he?ll figure out exactly where they are. After doing this for a while, he?ll start seeing the crate as something that could hold positive things for him. After a while, crate dog training will become something that much easier, since you will not have used any type of force, and your dog will respond well to that.

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