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Crate Training Dog

by Tim Tanis

Some people think that crate training dog is cruel but actually many dogs like dens - so to the dog, the crate becomes their den ? their comfort zone - the area in the house that is their spot - their den. Some trainers feel that using an indoor kennel crate for a puppy is somehow cruel. Dogs like to feel secure and an indoor kennel crate will satisfy this desire.

Consider safety issues such as a fenced-in yard or a crate or gated space inside where your puppy can be kept when you cannot actively monitor it. Remember that dogs like den-like places and that crate training dog will serve this purpose. If your mat training is not yet strong enough, then you can use a crate until your mat training is strong enough.

As a rule a dog should not be in a crate more than five hours unless it's during the time you go to sleep at night where they will be in there all night. To effectively house train your dog you must have a crate, if you didn't purchase one when you brought your puppy home get one as soon as possible. If you are away during the day, put your dog in his crate, with his toys.

You?ll be using a crate to housebreak your puppy, but even older dogs find the security of their own ?den? comforting. You can also move a crate from room to room so the dog can be around the family. Please remember to let your puppy or adult dog out of the crate as much as possible To interact with the family.

If your puppy spends time in a crate, which he should at first, I do not recommend putting paper in his crate, you want the dog to not use his den as a bath room. If your dog chews while you are away from home, make sure he has toys and something to chew on. So starting from now, spend more time with your dog. Crate training a dog can be a good experience for all.

It is NOT used to punish a puppy; the puppy should deem the crate to be his safe haven. So, in theory, if you keep a dog in a crate for small periods of time, they will learn to hold it. Using a crate for your dog training.

It is important not to let the puppy associate the crate with anything negative, if you intend him to use it and be happy there. Once you have purchased your new puppy?s crate and have it all prepared, it's time to introduce him to it. Do purchase the proper crate for your dog and teach the dog to use it.

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