Crate Training Your Dog FAQS

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Crate Training Your Dog FAQS

by Tyler Brown

Crate Training Your Dog - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I crate train my dog?
There are several reasons why crate training your dog is important. For starters, I believe that it is only fair to properly crate train your dog. Dogs have a natural den instinct. They desire a place that is comfortable and secure. A crate provides this location. It is also fair to you as a dog owner. Crate training is the best way to house train and teach your canine friend house manners.

Is crate training cruel?
This is somewhat of a trick question. Done improperly crate training dogs is cruel. Some dog owners use the crate as a method of punishment, definitely a no-no. Others use the crate as a means of ?doggy babysitting? when they are too lazy or annoyed to deal with their dog. This is not what the crate is for.
Crate training your dog properly is not cruel. Proper crate training is humane and enjoyable for your dog. Your dog learns that he has a safe zone, or area that he can always feel comfortable and secure. As I mentioned above, dogs have a natural instinct to den. Sometimes this instinct is so overt that crate training your dog is easy, and other times you must bring that instinct out through good training. Either way, all dogs can be properly crate trained and learn to enjoy their crate.

Why does crate training your dog work?
Crate training your dog works because it provides a system for supervising your dog when you are not around. If you are house training your dog you can leave him in a crate and know that he won?t go to the bathroom. He won?t go to the bathroom because he views the crate as his den, and dogs avoid using such locations to relieve themselves. Crates can be means to supervise your dog when you are absent to prevent other behavior problems such as chewing, separation anxiety, and getting on the furniture. Crate training combined with vigilant supervision conditions your dog to have the behaviors that you desire.

Is crate training just for puppies?
No. Even an adult dog who has never been inside a crate can quickly be crate trained.

What type of crate should I use? There are two main varieties, the all wire crate and the plastic crate. I recommend the plastic crate because it is enclosed and better mimics a den.

How long do I have to use the crate?
Crate training your dog can span many different lenghts of time. A crate is a dog training tool that can either be used for the life of the dog or phased out gradually. Depending on your dog and your diligence in training you could crate train your dog and then phase out the need for crate in as little as a month. Some dog owners like to keep the crate for some maintenance training. I like to keep a crate around because my dog will often go there when he feels stressed or just wants to take a nap.

Author Ty Brown is a renowned dog trainer whose training adventures and clients have taken him to 18 states and 5 countries to teach others how to properly train their dogs. Go to for more dog training articles, advice, tips, and answers from a professional dog trainer.

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