Crate Training Your Golden Retriever Is Simple and Fun

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Crate Training Your Golden Retriever Is Simple and Fun

by Peter Finch

A lot of people believe crates act as a punishment for dogs, and that they shouldn't be used. Quite the contrary, this is a very large misconception that most people have. Crates are actually one of the safest places for your dog and also act as gratifications of his inborn instinct to live in a den.

Crates are useful in keeping your Golden retriever puppy inside when you are not at home, are sleeping or are unable to look directly after your puppy while doing something else. It keeps the puppy safe and sound and allows you to do something else without worrying about him or her. It would break your heart if something were to happen to your puppy when you were not at home. Also, it?s a really nice feeling to come home, knowing that the puppy safe inside the crate. The puppy is happy and healthy, and you are thrilled to see him.

Crate training your golden retriever is essential in keeping both your home as well as your Golden retriever safe. It aids in house training, as well as stops the dog from unwanted chewing. It is also the best way of keeping the dog safe when you are traveling in a vehicle. You can also keep your puppy in a crate after they've been spayed or neutered.

Ideally you should always have a crate ready when you bring your golden retriever home the first time. Keep it in a central place, with easy access. Try to keep it in one place, and not move it so that the puppy can get used to it being there. If you have a front yard, keeping it there would be a good idea so the puppy can relieve itself outside. Get the puppy used to the idea of the crate, by putting a dog biscuit or a chew toy in there and letting the puppy explore the crate. Repeat this routine a few times every day to get the puppy used to this idea and make it a habit.

For crate training your golden retriever effectively, praise your puppy when he listens to you, and goes inside the crate. Once he's used to the crate, tempt him to go inside and close the door for some time. Let him learn to stay in the crate for a little while. Don't take the puppy out, even if it whines, but talk to it from the other side, and give comfort to it. After a little while, let him out and praise him while giving him a dog biscuit. This is a very effective way of crate training your golden retriever pup. Remember, you need to be patient to crate train your golden retriever puppy.

Get a really nice crate, which simulates a den environment, while protecting your puppy at the same time. Putting an old towel inside the crate would be a good idea. Remember, for a full-grown golden retriever, it is not advised to keep them in a crate for more than five to six hours at a time.

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