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Dangerous Dog Foods

by Mary Margaret Hyde

How could this happen? While those in authority are seeking answers and looking into ways to fix the problem, pet owners are seeking ways to protect their pets from future danger. Dog and cat foods may sit on retail shelves for weeks or months awaiting sales. For this reason these foods are often pumped full of preservatives to extend their shelf-life. This factor adds nothing to the nutritional value of the food but is of primary concern to the manufacturers and retailers.

Many commercial manufacturers of pet foods rely heavily on grains in their products. Grains are a cheap filler, but unfortunately also are a main cause of allergies (particularly skin irritation type) in many cats and dogs. If grain is improperly stored or for some reason becomes moist it may allow mold and bacteria to grow. The mold and bacteria give off toxins and certain toxins can even be deadly.

The extensive processing of the ingredients may further reduce the nutrient value of many specific foods. High temperature processing destroys many vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer then must supplement the food with the same vitamins and minerals that were just destroyed. Additionally many enzymes aiding in the breakdown and utilization of the food by the body have also been destroyed. Artificial flavors and colors may be added to enhance the visual appeal (to humans) but add nothing to the nutritional value of the food for the pets. As a pet owner perhaps the main reason for feeding commercial dog or cat food is convenience.

This may be compared to a fast food drive-thru. If convenience is the main benefit, long term nutritional health is being sacrificed. The drive-thru may be a fun treat occasionally but a steady diet of the fast foods will surely negatively impact long term health. There is no substitute for fresh whole foods. A fresh whole food diet, for man or beast, is by far the most appealing, most nutritious, most healthful way to eat. Though objections arise to feeding a whole food diet, there are reasonable, sensible solutions. A little research will turn up suggestions regarding home prepared pet diets. There are also several (and more every day) dog/cat food companies that prepare whole food meals, flash freeze them and will ship them to your home. They solve the problem of home research and extensive preparation time.

When vets object to 'feeding people food' it is often because folks do not know the unique nutritional needs of their pets. They have a valid concern that some foods are overfed and some equally essential foods are underfed causing an imbalance. In summary, fresh whole foods are best for our pets. Fresh whole foods are readily available or fresh frozen foods may be a close second. High quality trumps convenience for most pet lovers so follow your heart and do what's best for your beloved pets.

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