Dangers At The Dog Park

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Dangers At The Dog Park

by James C

Its a nice sunny day and you want to take your dog out for a little fun so you decide to take them to the dog park. What could possibly go wrong? Well there are some things to look for. Read this article for tips about dangers that you need to look out for at the dog park.

The biggest danger at the park is the risk of a dog fight. The best way to prevent your dog from becoming involved in a fight is to make sure that they are well trained. Makes sure that they know to come to you when you call them. You should also make sure that your dog is up on all of its vaccinations in case they get into a fight. If a fight does happen, never get in the middle of a dog fight. Chances are very good that you can get bitten. Lastly to lower your dogs risk, make sure that they are in the proper park. Many dog parks are divided into categories based on dog size. Don't bring your little dog into the big dog area and vice versa.

Another risk at the park is disease and illness. Many dog illnesses are airborne or can be passed by close contacts with other dogs. Makes sure that your pet is healthy and current on all of its vaccinations.

You must also think about dehydration. If the park does not supply water be sure to bring your own. From time to time make your dog stop for a drink, They may be so excited that they forget to drink so it is your responsibility to take care of them.

Lastly you need to beware of dog waste. Be courteous and pick up after your dog, Nothing will ruin a good time more than stepping in a pile of dog waste. It can also breed disease and flies so be sure to pick up after your pet.

That's about all there is to it. If you just take a little time to protect yourself and think of others the dog park can remain a fun place to go for you and your pet.

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