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Death Dog Food

by Tom Andre Holen

Dog Care Experts seem to agree that dogs that eats commercial dog food has a much higher risk of dying prematurely. This was to me very tough to hear. I've had 2 dogs myself, my first dog actually died when she was about 2 years old from cancer. It was a huge loss for a person like me, who loves dogs.

After my first dogs death I heard these death dog food claims, and it's shocking material. I'm only a normal guy who loves dogs, but I really am shocked over this.

One day I came over an ebook that actually was about this topic, Death Dog Food, and how commercial dog food is not good for your dog. This ebook was filled with useful info on how to avoid the bad dog food on the market. I find it really disturbing that something like that can go on in the world today. This ebook is written by a guy who actually was told from the vet, that his dog died from bad dog food.

They also claim that they'll tell you what you can do to make your dog live a long and healthy life. Teach you how to read commercial dog food labels, as well as get some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipes that is home made.

Death Dog Food is serious. I know that most people love their dogs, and they're a equal part of the family. We do want to treat them as good as possible, by giving them the required excercise and attention. What most people seem to forget is to feed their dogs with good nutrition. We do get very excited when we see a commercial on tv for a new kind of dog food, that is even better than the one they had before, premium, ultra, gourmet..etc. That's human, I know I am that way myself, not only with dog food, but everything else that they show on tv.

The ebook mentioned above will also tell you a bunch of little known things on how to effortlessly complete the circle of dog care. Vitally important skills on how to spot illness or trauma, while there's still time to prevent fatality.

It's hard for a common guy like me to know what to do, what to feed my dog, but I know that all of us wants the best for our dogs, no quesitons about that. Because of this, I think every dog owner should be aware of these things, and make our dogs lifes be happy days. Death Dog Food is too serious not to be aware of.

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