Delicate Problem With Dogs

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Delicate Problem With Dogs

by Sergio Smirnoff

People get used that they are pursued constantly with various dependences. Harmful habits became a part of our life. But, the most interesting that domestic animals also become their victims. Among the unhealthy predilections meeting very frequently in behavior of dogs, it is possible to allocate coprophagy, or eating up excrements.

Let's imagine a situation. Walking with the pupil, you notice, that your dog, having taken advantage of that you have distracted, something there has found. Approach to your dog, you see disgusting picture - your true friend eats excrements. It is awful and also it is insulting, in fact you have just fed the dog. Why it occurs?

This problem in behavior of dogs meets at bitches. It is possible to explain genetic predisposition to eat that remains for puppies. However, this phenomenon is dependent on other factors.

Sometimes, coprophagy is sequent of lack of vitamins, minerals or other elements in a diet of an animal. Therefore, the first, that it is necessary to make - to go to the veterinary. Consult with vet concerning a diet, and also check up a dog on presence of worms. At change dog diets and removal of parasites, your pupil, probably, will not want to eat excrements any more.

Frequently dogs eat excrements with the purpose to attract attention of the owner. Having seen it, the owner starts to show uncommon attention to the pupil, chasing for a dog, or persuading not to do so. The dog can perceive such actions as game or a praise. If you have noticed, that the dog eats excrements do not called up or persuaded your dog, better imperceptibly approach behind to your dog and tell loudly It "is impossible" or clap your hands, then give your dog a command "Beside" and withdraw your dog from this place. It is the best way to interrupt this disgusting habit.

One more reason of occurrence of this harmful habit could become wrong education of your pupil. Probably, the dog tries to destroy excrements to avoid punishment from the owner who earlier, for example, sticked into them with a nose and loudly shouted. Therefore, instead of to abuse a dog, learn your dog to defecate on the street.

But, if it is impossible to dishabituate a dog try the checked up method. Process excrements on a choice by any of the suggested means: black pepper, mustard (Russian), a horse-radish, garlic sauce. In pet-shops you can buy special remedy for processing excrement. Process excrements by any of the suggested means and then let your dog eat it. Very soon this habit will simply disappear.

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