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by Jed Yorkshire

Inflamed joints. If your dog isn?t running, jumping and playing with ease, he just might have them. And that means treatment for arthritis could be in your pooch?s future.

But before you go jumping to any conclusions, watch your pet for signs of the disease ? like difficulty getting up or walking, limping, avoiding the stairs, swollen or warm joints, etc. Any vet diagnosing the problem will certainly ask you about things like these. And before you start any treatment, a trip to the vet is an absolute must!

Your vet will likely prescribe a specially developed medical treatment for the problem ? but, according to target="new">, there are some simple things you can also do to make your dog feel better, naturally. For instance:

? If your dog is overweight, ask your vet to recommend a diet that will help him shed the extra pounds and put less stress on his joints.

? Once the pain is under control and your vet has cleared your dog for exercise, find some exercises for your pooch that maintain strength and flexibility ? like swimming, short, gentle walks on level ground, etc.

? Ask your veterinarian about dietary supplements for your pained pooch. There are many tales about the wonders of glucosamine, but your doctor can shed a little medical light on the subject and give you the right dosage information ? if it?s right for your dog.

? To ease your dog?s condition when he?s resting, place his padded bed in a warm, dry area. This will give your four-legged friend a comfortable spot to relax that will also keep him from over-exerting himself or putting undue stress on his joints.

Of course, there?s no substitute for knowing your dog, so at the first sign of discomfort ? even if he?s already on a treatment program ? talk to your vet. It might be time for a change in therapy or something as simple as getting him a new bed.

Jed Yorkshire is a retired teacher and pet enthusiast who writes about canine health topics, specialty breeds, animal training and grooming. An avid pet lover and breeder, he owns four beautiful Giant Schnauzers. Yorkshire also works as a private pet behavior consultant.

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