Depression in My Dog

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Depression in My Dog

by Alison Guriani

Did you know that Pre-schoolers are the fastest growing market for anti depressants, I was completely shocked at some of the statistics I was reading while trying to find prozac for my dog, yes my dog has been having issues. She has decided that chewing on the wall is beneficial. I swear I think I am going to drive up to what was left of my house one day & find that I no longer have a house to live in! She is super neurotic as well, jumps incessantly until you pick her up & you have to hold her for HOURS. You probably think I am kidding huh? I guess the benefit is that she isn't a massive dog where if they jump over, down you go.

I have been trying to find remedies that will allow to calm down. I even brought a look like Dog Whisperer around because I couldn't figure why when I told her a command, she had this look like "I will survive against the human" I love the little bugger but sheesh, give me a break, I treat her like she's my one & only. I still house crate her due to the fact that I still want my house to be intact in the morning. A couple weeks ago, I started e

  • I took her everywhere I went, I mean literally. I thought maybe if she went everywhere, maybe she would start adjusting to the different scenarios. RESULT: $225.00 fine for my neighborhood, I put her outside for a few minutes, in that time, dug herself a hole and was raising havoc, causing old lady Helmer to lose her teeth & glasses. The city ruled in her favor.
  • I started being stricter, issuing time outs in her time out area, another crate that I bought for this project. Not giving her treats when she misbehaved. RESULT: I had to replace the wall where she basically licked it to death, no seriously nice gaping hole. I went to go & release her from time out, her whole nose was covered in white, looked like she's gotten into someone's coke stash..
I finally took her to the vet to see what the heck there was to do, see I don't believe in anti depressants. I think they can mess up with your chemical balances but then I have many people who tell me that it'll fix the imbalance. That's a debate for another day. I guess they have been prescribing Prozac to diagnosed neurotic dogs, yet I am not so sure if it will help them in the long run. I want my dog to live a long & natural life. I guess they need to do more research before I commit myself to giving my dog an additional cocktails before bed. My advice until they get this completely straightened is really research it and get several opinions! To our neurotic dogs! I kind of wonder if Animal Depression is based off observing us humans?

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