Designer Dog Beds Review What To Expect From These Brands

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Designer Dog Beds Review What To Expect From These Brands

by Moses Wright

In the past, dog beds are not popular or in demand. The family dog would be considered quite fortunate for having his dog bed made of rags and towels, not even to mention about having his own cushion and basket to sleep in. Along with the evolution of time, we now see a sudden surge in the rise of funky designer dog beds. Your continuation of reading the following article will lead you to the discovery of the branded names which excel in dog comfort.

Jax & Bones Dog Beds

Jax & Bones dog beds comprise of cushions filled with soft feathers or polyester fibers. Due to the 'loudness' projected by the colors of the suede exteriors, the Jax & Bones dog beds certainly make a great impact to any homeowner. You can either have a retro 70s' look, camouflaged background, sweet innocent pink and many other colored stripes. And not to exaggerate here - you can even pamper your dog by buying it a monogrammed bed! Depending on the size of your dog, the prices for these dog beds are from $100 to $175.

Mammoth Dog Beds

Mammoth dog bed possesses the look of Marmaduke and are designed and built to cater for the needs of bigger dogs. Their designs include beds of donut-shape, bed couches and sofa beds. Buyers can decide between cushions which are filled with top-quality fibers or ultra soft orthopedic sponges. The color choices range from a fade flowery tone to a serious navy blue shade. And surprisingly, their prices for a designer product are pretty affordable, between $100 and $120.


Bellatutu dog beds are most suitable for petite dogs, especially for those which wear dog jewelry, have their fur tied with ribbons and never have a chance to take a stroll on solid grounds unless they were tucked away safely and comfortably in the dog-owners' purses.

The Bellatutu has two specific designs namely the Divine Sleeper and the Midnight which are mainly comprised of comfy cushions, their infill being fleece, faux fur and tulle and their exteriors are full of decorations and ornaments with designs like flowers, ribbons and embroidery. The Bellatutu dog beds originated from Australia and can be purchased online, with prices ranging from $80 to $180.

Eloise Dog Beds

Eloise dog beds provide a good sense of comfort and they come along with lovely cushions of different shapes and sizes which will bring enough contentment even to the fussiest dog. Their color and material range include basic twills with a cute little bone d?cor to velvet-covered beds in pastel colors. There are also bright cheery colors for terry-clothed beds. If you are just looking for a basic basket dog bed, you can simply let your pup sleep on a super comfy cute cushion of stripes. The price ranges for Eloise beds are between $120 and $200, of which they are dependable on your selection of the size and shape.

Haute Diggity Dog

Haute Diggity dog cushions is created to realize some of your fantasies like owning your luxurious dream car, either a Limo or a Ferrari although the ultimate beneficiary is your beloved dog and not you. With Haute Diggity, your best pal can possess his or her own Hollywoof Limo or Furrari. Apart from amusing you, these outlandish designer sleeping cars can also provide some form of luxury for your dog while it relaxes in one of them.

The cushions are filled with thick layers of polyester fibers and their coverings can be removed for machine-wash purposes. Different car-styles are designed with such minor details like a license car plate to a Dom Perignon toy to complement with the limo. There are sizes which are suitable for both medium and small dogs. Watch out for where you can buy such type of sleeping car for your dog as different shops offer different prices, some can even fetch you at a sky-rocketed price.

What you need to know about designer dog beds has been unfolded to you. I?m sure you are more than ready to venture on your own and buy one for your dog. If you ever procrastinate over the money you need to fork out, simply look at your dog and ask yourself this question: Is there any other reason that I should not provide my best pal with the best?

Moses Wright is the founder of Designer Dog Beds. You can find more useful information on Fancy Dog Beds and Large Dog Beds on his website. Webmasters are welcome to reprint this article if you keep the content and live link intact.

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