Diagnosing Sickness In Your Canine Friend

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Diagnosing Sickness In Your Canine Friend

by Mandy Fain

Diagnosing illness in your dog is not very easy, but there are certain things that owners can look out for to make sure to take the best care of their dog that they can. Regular vet visits and good home care and training are essential components to a healthy, thriving pet. The following are some indications of illness or problems that you might want to bring up with your veterinarian, if necessary.

Strange Waste

Of course, the waste material of your dog is never going to smell like roses; some smells less than others but feces smell nonetheless. If you happen to notice that your dog?s waste is stronger than it usually is, this is an indication of some digestive problems; in the same sense, any blood in the waste may also be an indicator of a greater problem and it is something you should bring up with your vet.

Mucus, blood, foreign objects, or indication of constipation or diarrhea on an ongoing basis are also cause for concern in your pet, and may be the signal of a greater problem. Things like parasites, allergic reactions, food poisoning, or purposeful poisoning are all signified through these ways, so they are cause for concern in your pet.

Strange Urine

You can also diagnose dog illness by examining their urine; although it seems a bit gross, you can tell a lot about the health of your dog by examining their urine. If you notice that your dog?s urine has blood in it that may be a sign that something bigger is going on in their system, that some type of infection is present. If it looks like your dog is having a hard time urinating that may be a sign of a bigger problem as well. Even if it seems like your dog is urinating too much, that may also be a sign of health problems and diabetes is one of them, as well as Cushing?s syndrome and canine hepatic diseases.

Your Dog?s Coat

While it may not seem strange to you that your dog smells badly, it is not normal for the skin of your pet to secret strange odors. This can be due to certain problems, like hormonal issues and dermatitis. These are all issues that can turn into major health problems if they are not addressed early on.

Your Dog?s Actions

If you are noticing that your dog is responding less and less to your calls, or that their balance and orientation seems to be a bit off, you should have them checked for possible problems with the inner ear. As far as your dog?s behavior goes, excessive lethargy or apathy, or other apparent disturbances in your dog?s environment can also be indicative of more problems with your dog?s health. Rabies, meningitis and other serious health problems can be indicated by strange changes in your pet?s behavior.

If any of the above seem to be things that you are noticing in your pet and they are occurring on an ongoing basis, be sure to consult your vet for good advice on the right way to handle the situation and whether or not veterinary care should be sought after.

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