Diet For The Diabetic Dog

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Diet For The Diabetic Dog

by Eric Hartwell

It may come as a surprise for some people, but dogs like human beings can develop diabetes if food intake containing lots of sugar is not controlled by the pet owner. It is important that we always feed our dogs healthy and nutritious food coupled with some regular exercise to keep them in tiptop condition and away from diseases. Usually, when a dog is not feeling well it cannot communicate to us what he is really experiencing unlike us humans, so it is ideal for you to look after their well being to prevent them from getting sick. If your dog has diabetes, there are certain things that needs your special attention aside from your regular visit to the pet doctor to help your dog go through his sickness,

Regulate your dog?s food intake

Same as with the case of humans, dogs having diabetes need regular medication and a most importantly his diet needs to be restricted. When your dog has diabetes it is imperative that you don?t let him gain too much weight or better yet lose much of his weight either. Your veterinarian?s guidance is needed if there are plans on gaining or losing weight. Changes in weight have an effect on the insulin level needed to control this sickness.

It is important that you monitor the amount of sugar your dog takes in. Keep watch on the food that your dog eats plus how many times he eats in a day. Experts suggests that it would be ideal to serve your dog two or three smaller servings of food rather than one large full meal which most of the time shoot up your dog?s insulin level. Eating smaller portions helps keep blood sugar at a stable rate.

Of course one of the most obvious actions that you need to do would be to avoid serving your pets with food that contain sugar. Though most of us really do not know how much sugar is contained in manufactured foods most especially, experts say that many soft foods, treats, and even dry dog food contain sugar levels that are higher than what is recommended.

Controlling your dog?s blood sugar is not an easy feat and requires extra effort and attention on your part. It is important that you stick to a habitual practice on regular exercise and proper diet to help your dog maintain good health despite his being diabetic.

Choosing between commercial and homemade diets

There have been arguments as to whether pet owners with diabetic dogs should prepare the dog?s meals themselves or should decide to rely on commercial diets instead. Some argue that homemade is still the best way to go because here you have control of what you will be feeding your dog as well as you are aware of how much sugar he is taking in. Preparing homemade meals for your dogs doesn?t have to be that costly and you can find numerous books and sources on the internet that offer essential advice and recipes that you could use.

With regards to commercial diets though, you and your vet have more options and variety to choose from. The consistency in the ingredients being used makes managing your dog?s blood sugar much more convenience. Dogs may take some time to adjust to a particular taste and this requires you trying to find the right one that suits your dog?s taste.

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