Discover 3 Highly Effective Dog Training Tips

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Discover 3 Highly Effective Dog Training Tips

by Charleston Peterson

When you start to think about dog training, you can see 2 different elements. One part is making sure that your dog is following your commands, while another is trying to teach it new tricks. Both of these take a lot of effort and time. It's not just your dog that has to must adapt and learn through your actions as well. As your body language can have a tremendous impact on how your dog will act too.

Here are the 3 tops tips I'd like to share with you to help you train your dog for obedience:

  • Simplify your hand signals
  • Never scold your dog
  • Study and learn from your dog

Simplify Your Hand Signals
You should only use 1 arm and hand for signals that you give to your dog. The more you put into it, the more that you may confuse your dog. As your overall body language gives your dog something to think about. So make your signals smooth, but quick. Your dog will be able to understand that your simple one arm movement means something more specific.

Never Scold Your Dog
Your dog is like a kid. Even though you love it, sometimes you can get so frustrated and start raising your voice. Just remember, it's not always the dogs fault.

You have things that you must learn about yourself and adjust to as well. Just think about how people learn. What is the single, most efficient way to learn? By repetition! As you repeat, your dog will learn. You can then advance to higher stages of learning, combining previously learned lessons.

It's kind of like when we learned in kindergarten. We would repeat ABC's and 123's. Then we understood what they were about. Then those included adding and subtracting symbols. Then multiplication and division. I'm sure you get the idea. Repetition is the key in dog training.

Study and Learn from Your Dog
Dogs react to different things compared to other dogs. Again...just like people. Some dogs needs more attention than others. Some dogs needs more strict communication than others. The only way for you to find out is to calmly train your dog and see how they react to your commands and signals. If your dog is more aggressive, perhaps it will need a more aggressive approach.

Charleston Peterson is an experienced dog trainer and owner of Visit the site today to find out how you too can effectively train your dog.

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